Have questions? Please read our frequently asked questions below. We hope that this will address your concerns. If, for some reason, the FAQ below does not provide you with any answer, do not hesitate to contact us here. We are always happy to hear from you.

Approximately every 6-8 wearings or every 2 weeks. However, everyone is different depending on daily wear, products used, smoke, and climate.

Yes, but we do not recommend it because they may lose curl, style, etc. They may be trimmed or thinned slightly, but we recommend that it be done by a beautician. Please also note that you cannot return or exchande products that have been altered.

Use synthetic wig conditioner or try our own BeautyTrends wig lusterizer for natural and synthetic fibers. This adds luster and brings back life to dulling fiber.

We package most of our wigs with a hairnet in order to protect the built-in pre-style. Just follow our BT Beauty Guide (shipped along with your product) to style your wig. Play around with it! For a natural look, tousle it so every strand is not perfectly in place.

Absolutely! We have an array of sizes and styles that fits perfectly to every head size and shape. Our adjustable Velcro tabs allow you to customize size and fit. (Applicable to wigs with Perfect Fit feature). We also carry different adhesives that help keep your item in place.

No, there is no need to match your hair color to your wig. You will be covering your entire head, and therefore it is not necessary to perfectly match your own hair color. Have fun with it! Try something completely new. Or perhaps, a subtle change will make a huge difference.