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Different hairpieces come with different types of attachment methods. Below is a list of the essential attachments you should know about. 

pressure clip BeautyTrends hairpiece



Pressure Sensitive Hair Clip

One of the most popular, and widely found attachment options out there. These small metal clips are designed to blend in with your hair and keep your hairpiece in place. They’re lightweight, easy to attach. Just bend the metal clip one direction to open, slide the teeth side to your hair, and bend the other direction to secure it close.





Straight Comb Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends


Straight Comb 

These combs have one row of teeth that slides quickly and easily into your existing hair. They are usually used in conjunction with another type of hair attachments and is used in some hairpieces, half wigs and falls. Typically these hairpieces will incorporate pressure sensitive clips for a more secure wear. For a more secure fit, you can also insert bobby pins to the attachment as well. 





Interlocking Comb Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends

Interlocking Combs

Another common type hairpiece attachment. These are commonly found in ponytails and updo hairstyles. This type of hair attachment is constructed with two combs, usually both slightly curved to one side. To secure the hairpiece, slide the combs under your existing updos and secure it by locking the combs together. 




Claw Clip Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends



Claw clip

Also known as jaw clip or butterfly clip, this is another standard hair attachment method used with ponytails and updo styles. To apply, squeeze the clip together and release to secure. 






Hair Wrap Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends


Hair Wrap

Easy to put on and simple to use. Hair wrap is held together with an elastic band that can be easily slipped on to your existing ponytail or bun. 








Drawstring Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends


Most commonly found in ponytails and bun hairstyles, this type of attachment is often used in conjunction with another hair attachment method such as pressure clips are straight comb. Created with a flexible drawstring, this accessory can fit almost any head size or shape. To apply, insert the clip or comb to the position you want on your hair, then gently pull the drawstring until it is tight and secure. 








Weaving Hairpiece Attachment Method BeautyTrends


Weaving/ Bonding

Hair weaving is a technique that integrates hair extensions to your natural hair. There are different methods of hair weaving, one of the most common types is called bonding. This technique involves the application of hair adhesives to attach wefted hair to your natural hair. This method generally lasts six weeks or less, depending on the type of adhesive used. With proper care, this method causes less damage to your hair in comparison to sew-in weaving.









This type of hair attachment involves a collection of loose hair that is used to thicken up-dos, dreadlocks, cornrows, thick braids, or micro-braids. To use, braid the loose hair into your natural hair. It may sound like an easy process, but this technique actually requires skills and training to perfect. 



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