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Wigs are not the only thing that can give you the beautiful hair you want, and it's also not the one style fits all solution to every hair problems either. Don’t get us wrong, wigs are great, and we love them for their versatility.  However, if you only need coverage over an isolated area, or is merely looking for ways to add length and volume without any significant transformation, we recommend opting for a hairpiece instead. It's usually more affordable than wigs, more comfortable to wear, and much easier to apply. 


So what are you looking? 

Hairpieces come in various colors, sizes, hair types, and lengths. The most important thing to consider when determining between a hairpiece or a wig is knowing how much coverage you want. If you have substantial or total hair loss where you want coverage that extends beyond the top area, hairpieces may not be your best option. 


Topper Wiglet Hairpiece BeautyTrends

Toppers or wiglets are like mini wigs. But don’t underestimate these little guys! For anyone in the beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss, toppers are the perfect solution to disguise thinning areas or baldness of the scalp. They blend in perfectly with your existing hair and add extra fullness to your part. These little wonders are easy to use and more affordable than a full wig.

Best for:

  • Fine or thinning hair 
  • Partial hair loss 
  • Coverage at the part, top, or crown of the head
  • Those who want extra volume and hair coverage



Cap Fall Hairpiece BeautyTrends

3/4 Cap falls, also known as cap falls or half wigs, may look like wigs, but they are actually a type of toppers.  Like all toppers, 3/4 cap falls provide coverage for targeted areas and add extra volume to your existing hair. So how is it different from regular toppers or wigs? Well, unlike most toppers, cap-falls provide length, giving you instant long hair without the waiting period. And unlike wigs, they do not cover your entire scalp. They are a great addition to almost everyone’s hair collection!

Best for

  • Fine or thinning hair
  • Partial hair loss
  • Those who want to add both volume and length
  • Beginning stage of hair loss to more severe stages. 



Volumizer Hairpiece BeautyTrends

Want voluminous hair? Then make sure to look for volumizers. Not only can a volumizer give you fullness in a target area, but it can also give you extra length, texture, and curls. This type of hairpiece requires a full head of hair to be securely attached.  So if you are looking for a hairpiece that can give you both volume and coverage,  consider toppers or cap falls instead. 

Best for: 

  •  Fine or thinning hair
  • Those who want to add volume or length 


Halo Hairpiece BeautyTrendsThese add-ons are the newest thing in town! Like the name suggests, halo has a hollow top with hair hanging on a string that is shaped into a circle. These hairpieces come in a variety of length and style,  some with bangs and some without. No clips, tape or glue required. Just slip the string onto your head to secure for instant length. Easy peasy! 

Best for:

  • Those who want to add extra length without the coverage
  • Fine hair or thinning hair 
  • Want something that is easy to apply and blends in seamlessly with existing hair



In addition to toppers, cap falls, and halos, we also have other hairpieces available at BeautyTrends to complete your look: 

  • Extensions
  • Ponytails
  • Headbands
  • Buns & Wraps

While these hairpieces do not provide hair loss coverage, they're a great addition to personalize your look. 




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