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Oh yes, monofilament wigs. High quality and definitely not on the cheap side. These babies are the miracles in the wig industry that combines hand-tied technique with quality material to give you the wig that doesn’t even look like a wig. Which is precisely why these wigs are becoming more popular by the day!

 What are Monofilament Wigs

The construction of a monofilament wig usually involves an open weft and a sheer material known as “monofilament” that gives this type of wig the significant advantage over other traditional wigs. The transparency of the mesh reveals your natural scalp for the most natural look possible…with the bonus of it being super lightweight, soft, and breathable!


Longing for Long Raquel Welch

 Model is wearing: Longing for Long by Raquel Welch | Synthetic | Monofilament Top with 
 Lace Front | Color: R14/88H


Generally, synthetic or human hairs are individually hand-tied to the monofilament material so that you can part or brush in any direction you want.  In some cases, monofilament wigs also offer lace front so that you can achieve seamless hairline with the most realist look from every angle. 


Nicole Jon Renau ExclusiveModel is wearing: Nicole Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau | Human Hair | Monofilament Top with 
 Lace Front | Color: 24BT18S8


Different Types of Monofilament

Not all monofilament wigs are the same, but that doesn’t mean any are less superior than the other. The three most common monofilament construction types are monofilament top, monofilament crown, and monofilament part. All these extra words after “monofilament” merely mean where the monofilament construction is located on your wig. 



Model is wearing: Claire PM by Noriko | Partial Monofilament | Synthetic | Color: Spring Honey-R


If you want a hair that can give you the most natural looking scalp with the freedom to part anywhere on your wig, then a full monofilament top might be the one to get. If styling is not a priority, a partial monofilament will work just fine.




  • Allows you for parting and style the wig in any direction
  • Combines hand-tied technique for natural hair movement
  • Appearance of real scalp
  • Great for people with a sensitive scalp or complete hair loss. 


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