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So What are Hand-Tied Wigs? 

Hand-tied wigs can be made with human or synthetic hair, but the process of attaching the hair or fiber to the cap are the same. Skilled wig makers would spend hours manually tying individual strands of hair fibers to a soft mesh cap. Depending on the craftsperson’s levels of experience, the process can take up to three days to finish.


A short video by Lars Carlsson of Makeup-FX.com putting a new front on an old wig. Now imaging doing that to the entire cap!

Benefits of Hand Tied Wigs:

This labor-intensive process may be time-consuming, but the result is worth it. For starters, hand-tied wigs offer the appearance of natural hair. Unlike their machine-made counterpart, there are no wefts, which means that no one would be able to tell that it’s a wig even up close!

Second, it provides the most natural hair movement, giving you the freedom to stylize your hair just the way you like. Feel like parting your hair a certain way or putting it into a high ponytail? No problem. With a 100% hand-tied wig, your options are limitless. 

Lastly, and most importantly is the comfort. With no seams or wefts, hand-tied wigs are incredibly soft and lightweight, keeping your head fresh and ventilated all day. 


Model is wearing Sophia by Jon Renau | 100% hand-tied Remy hair | Color: 6F27

Model is wearing Sophia by Jon Renau | 100% hand-tied Remy hair | Color: 6F27


Other types of wigs with hand-tied component: 

Hand-tied wigs come in variations, such as monofilament or lace front wigs that combine hand-tied construction to different techniques to achieve particular results. That's not to say these hybrids are inferior to 100% hand-tied. They all have their own pros and cons. But if you're looking for a hairpiece with unlimited styling options with the most natural look, then look no further.


  • Hand-tied wigs provide the most styling versatility 
  • Natural looking
  • Superior comfort 
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Especially ideal for those with sensitive scalp or complete hair loss

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