• Why We Love Hand-Tied Wigs

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    So What are Hand-Tied Wigs? 

    Hand-tied wigs can be made with human or synthetic hair, but the process of attaching the hair or fiber to the cap are the same. Skilled wig makers would spend hours manually tying individual strands of hair fibers to a soft mesh cap. Depending on the craftsperson’s levels of experience, the process can take up to three days to finish.


    A short video by Lars Carlsson of putting a new front on an old wig. Now imaging doing that to the entire cap!

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  • Are You Ready for the New Sensation?

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    Sensation is the newest brand to join the BeautyTrends family and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!  Sold exclusively at, this brand is characterized for its comfort and realistic look with the root area of each wig carefully hand-dyed to create a natural hair root appearance.

    And for this month, we are releasing two styles distinguished by its own charm:



    A playful personality with a touch of elegance, Felicia is full of character. Want a little bit more volume and curl? Just give it some toss and shake—voilà!

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