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In the late 1960s, synthetic hair dominated the wig market as the cheaper option for quality hair without the high maintenance. Many advertisers even claimed synthetic hair to be better than human hair!

Synthetic hair has come a long way since then. In today's market, synthetic hair can look and feel just like human hair — one of the many reasons why it is still so widely used for wigs and hairpieces. There is, however,  one minor inconvenience. When synthetic hair is exposed to intense heat, there is a high chance that it will frizz, kink, or even melt together. These are significant drawbacks for anyone who desires to have the full freedom to stylize their look. Thankfully, new technology allows manufacturers to create something better.

Introducing, synthetic hair that can withstand your curling iron!

Straight Up With a TwisteasiPart HD XL 12"
Left: Straight Up With a Twist | Color RL29/25  Right: easiPart HD XL 12" | Color 14/26S10

Known as heat friendly, heat resistant, or heat defiant, this innovation is a dream come true. Now you can have all the benefits of synthetic hair, plus the styling versatility of human hair but without the hefty cost. Keep in mind though that heat friendly hair is not 100% heatproof, exposing it to a temperature higher than 350 degrees will severely damage the hair. So try not to leave that iron on your hair for too long and consider using a curling iron or flat iron with adjustable temperature.

Wonder what you can do with heat friendly synthetic hair? Check out this tutorial by Jon Renau on how your can style you synthetic wig:  



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