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Buying your first wig may seem daunting, with so many options out there, where do you start? Here at BeautyTrends, we understand the importance of hair in our day to day lives. That is why we crafted this simple guide to help you build the confidence you need to find your perfect hair.


 1. Size 

Have you ever bought something online only be disappointed to receive those shoes you fell in love with because they're either too big or too small? Well, buying a wig is very similar. 

Wigs usually come in three basic sizes: petite, average, and large. Typically, most people will fit the average size. However, if you want to get the perfect fit and avoid the hassle of returning your order, it’s always good to know the measurement of your head rather than second-guessing. Know your wig size with this easy 3-steps measuring guide to a perfect wig.

Also, keep in mind that like shopping for any wearables, sizes may vary slightly depending on the brand.  


  • Get a better measurement by asking a friend to help out 
  • Make sure the tape measure is not too loose or tight when measuring.  
  • Most wigs has an adjustable feature that allows you to expand or contract up to 1” circumference 


2. Construction

Not all wigs are the same. Understanding their differences can help you make the informed decision for your specific needs.

When we say "construction," what this refers merely to is how the hair or fiber is attached to the wig. The attachment method can affect the look and performance immensely. Attachment methods like hand tied are great for styling versatility, and the look of a natural hairline, but hand tied products are also usually more expensive and extremely delicate. Alternatives to hand tied are lace front and monofilament. They're the cheaper options to go for if you don't mind their styling limitations. Note that some wigs may have a combination of some or all of the attachment methods.

Learn more about the three types of wig construction by clicking the pictures below:

Hand Tied Wigs BeautyTrends Lace Front Wigs




3. Fiber 

Human hair is typically much more durable, expensive and requires more care and maintenance in comparison to synthetic hair, but that doesn't mean synthetic hair isn't any good. So what is your lifestyle like? Are you always on the go with little time to spare? Are you willing to spend the money and time on your wig? Answering these questions is a simple way to decide the type of hair you're most suitable for. Of course, there's so much more to human and synthetic hair than the questions mentioned. Head over to our Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair to learn more. 



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